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Keywords: Impact Bar

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Impact bar  used in the loading area of the belt conveyor to replace the traditional cushion rollers. It is designed to absorb impact loading which will dramatically reduce shock and stress loading to the structure.
-Combination rubber to polyethylene (PE).
-Steel fastening profile.
-Impact rubber (black), PE (blue, 10 mm thick).
-Low friction between conveyor belt and slide surface.
-Distance between conveyor belt and impact bars must be at least 10-12 mm (when conveyor belt is not loaded).

-Impact protection for conveyor belts at the material feeding and transfer points.
-Increases operating life of the belt.
-Good sealing effect when used in conjunction with skipt.

Size(mm) Composition
50X100X1220 10mm UHMW polythene+40mm rubber
75X100X1220 10mm UHMW polythene+65mm rubber
100X100X1220 10mm UHMW polythene+90mm rubber
50X100X1400 10mm UHMW polythene+40mm rubber
75 X100X1400 10mm UHMW polythene+65mm rubber
100X100X1400 10mm UHMW polythene+90mm rubber
50X100X1500 10mm UHMW polythene+40mm rubber
75X100X1500 10mm UHMW polythene+65mm rubber
100X100X1500 10mm UHMW polythene+90mm rubber
50x100X1800 10mm UHMW polythene+40mm rubber
75x100X1800 10mm UHMW polythene+65mm rubber
100x100X1800 10mm UHMW polythene+90mm rubber