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Keywords: Aluminum Foil Coated Fiberglass Cloth

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The cloth is manufactured from texturized fiberglass bulk yarns, withstanding temperature up to 550°C in continuous service.

The cloth laminated with aluminum foil can be used as outer cover of heat piping, chemical industry.
Available to be coated with graphite , PTFE , silicone rubber  or vermiculite .

Available to be reinforced with stainless steel wire, nickel wire or copper wire. The normal reinforcing material selected is stainless steel wire, which is of good performance and cost effective.

Used as welding blankets and curtains, fire blankets, expansion joints, insulation pad covers and gasket materials

Maximum temperature: 550°C.
Normal Dimension:
Thickness: 1.5~3.2mm.
Width: 1000mm, 1200mm.
Normal Packing:
30m/roll, in woven bag.