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Keywords: Pure PTFE Fiber Braided Packing

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PTFE packing is a pure PTFE fiber yarn braided into square cross section and impregnated with PTFE dispersion.

High cross-sectional density and structural strength. Low confident of friction result in easy shaft running. Long lubricant

squeezed out under operating pressure. It has perfect corrosion resistance. and "Black teflon"can be used at dynamic

sealing location under middle pressure. it can used in general sealing performance.


Specification conditions:

1) Max. working temperature: -100 ~ 260deg.

2) Max. working pressure: 2.0Mpa

3) pH value: 0 - 14

4) Linear speed: 0 - 8m/s

5)Product size: 3x3mm-50x50

Inner packing: 5 or 10kg/roll


Designed for valves and lower shaft speed applications under medial pressure in food processing, pharmaceuticals, paper mills, fibre plants where high purity and corrosion resistance is required


1.PH range:0~14